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<aside> πŸ–– Hey! I hate lead gen forms as much as you do, so I've placed a selection of articles, videos, podcasts and other things that I think would be useful to intrapreneurs and innovators, all in one free-to-have-no-strings-attached space.

Feel free to use as you see fit. I've tried to categorise them as much as possible, so make sure to scan through them all. Will add more as I come across interesting pieces and tools.


Rising Tribe | Co-creating intrapreneural ecosystems

Resource Lists πŸ“’


<aside> πŸ‘‡ Intrapreneurship: The art of entrepreneurship in business πŸ“£ Use Promo code RisingTribe to get 20% Off any course on 42Courses.


The art of entrepreneurship in business

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Intrapreneurship: Pitching to internal and external stakeholders will be your day-to-day job. So the girls & guys and MissingLink provide engaging, and to the point, training on pitching online.


Online training - Missing Link

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Intrapreneurship: Employee-driven Innovation | openSAP


Intrapreneurship - Employee-driven Innovation

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Y-Combinator Startup School programme runs twice a year and is free to sign up and keep on track. With plenty of resources and a great community. Acts as an entry point for Y-Combinator.


Startup School

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certification (Paid & Free): Discover new ways of thinking and acting so that you can solve your biggest business challenges


Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Oxford Leadership: This online self-leadership course provides a structure to isolate your real strengths (and weaknesses), define your core purpose and focus on the values which will shape your authentic self and relationships.


Find Your Purpose Journey - Oxford Leadership

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Discover and learn with the world’s brightest professionals. Free and unlimited access to over 100,000 talks.


BrightTALK - Discover and learn with the world's brightest professionals

<aside> πŸ‘‡ The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works with business, government and academia to build a framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design.


Circular Economy - UK, USA, Europe, Asia & South America - The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

No-Code MVP - Build and validate startup ideas without code

<aside> πŸ‘‡ The Henley SME Sessions. Free support for SME's from Henley Business School/


The Henley SME Sessions

Online Courses | Harvard University


Articles Worth Pondering

Startup 'decelerators' would 'innovate by slowing down'


<aside> πŸ‘‡ Conversations With Bacon shines a light into the thinking, approach, and work of a diverse range of guests across the business, technology, entertainment, and beyond.


Conversations With Bacon - Jono Bacon

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Jacob Morgan - A weekly show where Jacob has in-depth discussions with senior executives and business leaders around the world on the future of work.


The Future of Work Podcast With Jacob Morgan

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Starting Greatness: Lessons from the startup super performersβ€”BEFORE they were successfulβ€”featuring interviews with some of Silicon Valley’s most legendary entrepreneurs and thought leaders.


Floodgate - Prime Movers Wanted.

<aside> πŸ‘‡ The a16z Podcast discusses tech and culture trends, news, and the future


podcasts Archives - Andreessen Horowitz

<aside> πŸ‘‡ The Knowledge Project: β€œA regular dose of insightful perspectives on life and success from a huge range of backgrounds and experiences.”


🎧 The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Innovation Crush smashes convention to bits by profiling some of the world's most daring projects and the people behind them.


Innovation Crush

<aside> πŸ‘‡ The Expansive - This podcast aims to help you expand your personal reality, your business, and your perception of what is possible.


The Expansive


<aside> πŸ‘‡ Succinct, relevant updates on business, tech, media, politics and stuff that makes the world go round in general.


Benedict's Newsletter - Benedict Evans

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Salmon Theory, a newsletter about philosophy, strategy and hope.


Salmon Theory

Tools & Methods πŸš€

<aside> πŸ‘‡ The State of Tech Innovation in Africa Report, by AfricArena.


The State of Tech Innovation in Africa Report, by AfricArena : AfricArena - THE STAGE FOR AFRICA'S TECH FUTURE

<aside> πŸ‘‡ The Reframing canvas. Resources to help solve your toughest problems, by changing the problems you solve.



<aside> πŸ‘‡ Ladder Playbook Database: Explore their database of 800+ growth/marketing tactics categorized by funnel stage (traffic, conversion, retention). A few good tips for internal traction and uptake in corporate startups.

</aside> - Playbook

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Structured visual thinking. The art and science of problem solving and opportunity creation


Hit Return - Group Partners

DAO Canvas - Free Meeting Recording & Transcription

Record Zoom Meetings You're Attending on Mac and PC

I'm an Innovator! The Swarm Innovation Profiler

Free Toolkit - Redbox

Startup Gifs

Techstars Entrepreneur's Toolkit

<aside> πŸ‘‡ The Flourishing Business Canvas. A business canvas that includes the ecosystem into its mapping.


Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit - Tools for the Strongly Sustainable Revolution - Socially Beneficial, Environmentally Regenerative and Financially Viable

<aside> πŸ‘‡ The Lean Business Canvas is a great starting point for any new venture


Lean Canvas | LEANSTACK

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Lean Ecosystem Development: As an extension of Platform Design Toolkit.


Introducing Lean Ecosystem Development

<aside> πŸ‘‡ ExO Launchpad is an under-development methodology to help innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs building successful ExOs


The MVP Experiment Canvas - by Bram Kanstein

ExO Launchpad

Send Cold Emails That Get Replies With lemlist

PixelMe | URL shortener & powerful branded links

Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software | Pipedrive


Airtable: Organize anything you can imagine

Scenario | Anzisha Prize

79 Best Journeys images | Journey mapping, Customer journey mapping, Experience map

Websites & Articles πŸͺ

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Intrapreneurship: The Art of the (Im)possible


Intrapreneurship: The Art of the (Im)possible - by Tim Heard



Hero Organism

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg's book site for, What's Your Problem | To solve your toughest problems, change the problems you solve. Excellent step-by-step guide and resources on how to reframe a problem.



<aside> πŸ‘‡ A Geek Culture of Sustainable Innovation


Geekulcha | Geekulcha

<aside> πŸ‘‡ Dave Trott - Predatory Thinking: Predatory Thinking is a masterclass in how to outwit the competition, in ordinary life as well as in business. It is the philosophy that has underpinned Dave Trott’s distinguished career as a copywriter.



<aside> πŸ‘‡ Discover the Power of the Crowd! heroX connects everyday problem solvers to companies in order to bring innovative thinking to the world.


HeroX | Crowdsourcing Platform for Enterprise and Innovators

VC4A - Unlocking the next startup opportunity

Covid Innovations

Otto Scharmer

Bri Williams - Increase ROI with Behavioural Science